5/10/2023-The Knickerbocker project will appear in Pecos League Spring Training Game. In the May 22 game between Bakersfield and Lancaster the 1-1 Knickerbocker rules will be in play. Brad Kullman will be on hand and Tim Wheeler will serve as game administrator. Special Rules of the Game:
  • All at-bats start with a 1-1 count
  • All other traditional rules of Base Ball should be used


  • 1845 First known written rules of Game.
  • 1858 First called strikes of Game (Warning only given for first strike).
  • 1863 First called balls of Game (Nine Balls batter awarded first base).
  • 1887 The Warning Strike was eliminated and a batter could no longer request a high strike or low strike.
  • 1889 The Walk was issued on 4 balls pitches which was deemed optimal.
  • 1893 The pitchers slab was moved back 5-1/2 feet.
  • 1901 The American League started and experiments stopped.
  • 1969 The United States landed the first person on the moon.
  • 2022 The Pecos League is last remaining baseball league to not use a DH in game.
  • 2023 Brad Kullman will play his first test game of the Knickerbocker 1-1 count.

This is the first game of its kind in the process of increased action. The project is being headed by Brad Kullman and Miles Wolff. Brad Kullman is a former Major League Baseball General Manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Miles Wolff was the founder of the Northern League and is widely known as the founder of Independent Baseball. Wolff was longtime commissioner of the American Association.

In 2019 the Pecos Spring League tested moving the mound back to 62.5 ahead of potential Atlantic League move