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Ballparks of the Pecos League
Home of Alpine Cowboys
Elevation: 4455
County: Brewster

See Games played at Kokernot Field
Visit Website of Kokernot Field
Home of Bakersfield Train Robbers
Elevation: 404
County: Kern

See Games played at Sam Lynn Ballpark
Visit Website of Sam Lynn Ballpark
Home of Colorado Springs Snow Sox
Elevation: 6035
County: El Paso

See Games played at Spurgeon Field
Home of Garden City Wind
Elevation: 2838
County: Finney

See Games played at Clint Lightner
Visit Website of Clint Lightner
Home of Martinez Sturgeon
Elevation: 23
County: Contra Costa

See Games played at Joe DiMaggio
Visit Website of Joe DiMaggio
Home of Monterey Amberjacks
Elevation: 26
County: Monterey

See Games played at Sollecito Park
Home of Roswell Invaders
Elevation: 3655
County: Chaves

See Games played at Joe Bauman
Visit Website of Joe Bauman
Visit Website of Albert Park
Home of Santa Fe Fuego
Elevation: 7000
County: Santa Fe

See Games played at Fort Marcy
Visit Website of Fort Marcy
Home of Trinidad Triggers
Elevation: 6010
County: Las Animas

See Games played at Trindad Central Park
Home of Tucson Saguaros
Elevation: 5538
County: Pima

See Games played at Amphi High School
Home of Wasco Reserve
Elevation: 329
County: Kern

See Games played at Wasco Ballpark
Home of White Sands Pupfish
Elevation: 4222
County: Otero

See Games played at Griggs Park
Visit Website of Griggs Park